Articles accepted or not? How long does it take?


How long does it take to find out if our article has been accepted? And how do we know of not?




Hi Tom,

Great question. We aim to review all articles that have been submitted within 3 days. Once we’ve had a chance to review an article, we will email you either way to let you know if it has been accepted or not. If it has been accepted, we either publish it immediately, or schedule it to be published at a future date. Generally, we won’t schedule anything to be published longer than a week from the time we review it, and in most cases it will be within the next day or two.

If you’ve submitted an article, and you haven’t heard from us yet, then feel free to email the editors,



It also depends on where you submitted it.

Editors prioritize submissions from If you submit via Medium, sometimes things might fall through the crack…



I just submitted my first Hackernoon article for review as a draft via the link! :smile:
Question: In cases like this should the article be “scheduled” by me for publication at least 3 days out (so the featured image is selected and related tags) or should it be left as an un-scheduled draft? Thanks and I hope your editors (and the community hopefully) enjoy it. :pray: :crossed_fingers:



Hi Steven! You’ll want to leave your article as an unscheduled draft – an editor will schedule your draft for publication. Thanks for your submission!

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Hey, I submitted my article a week ago and have sent a follow up email to the editors. But I haven’t had a response and my Medium article - it’s a draft atm. Is there a better way to get or a response? Or does a lack of response mean its not accepted?



Hey @Tom1, did you submit through ? Editors should prioritize reviewing those stories over ones sent through just medium. What is link to story?



I did @David . Here’s the draft link:

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thanks Tom. Hey @hackernoondev can you look at the above article?

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Sorry about the delay @Tom1. Looks like this quality story slipped through our submission flow. I made minor edits (links/grammar/tags), published and moved atop homepage.

What an interesting person! My favorite part:

As Mark Zuckerberg said, “When Marc started Andreessen Horowitz, I asked him why he didn’t start another company instead, and he said, ‘It would be like going back to kindergarten.’ ”

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Awesome. Thanks David!



Thanks Austin, initially the draft was stuck in my brand publication (@chainadvisors), and I’ve since switched it to @Hackernoon earlier today and sent an email update to the editorial team.

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Hi guys, greetings from Down Under!

I submitted a draft on March 21 (so 10 or so days ago): via email to but so far its been radio silence.

Was that the right way to do it? thanks … Jason



thanks jason. @hackernoondev will review.

Best way to guarantee a piece will be reviewed is via



hey @hackernoondev can you take a look at this one.



Hi hackernoon

I have submitted 2 drafts to you and havn’t got a response yet.

would love to hear what you think .




hey @hackernoondev can you take a look?



thanks @David



Hi, @hackernoondev

I submitted my draft via medium 3 days ago and nothing happens. Could you check these links?

Thank you.



Hi Dov! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! Sometimes I miss things, and I very much appreciate writers keeping me on my toes. I really liked both articles and added them! Your take on Docker Swarm was really interesting. I always like when writers talk about a technology, but really build out and explain practical use cases for it. Look forward to reading more of your content soon!