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Hello Team, My name is Nitin Garg, Before 1 week ago I submit an article “How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Will Go Hand in Hand?” Please let me know what is the status of my article. I am waiting for a positive response.

Hi Nitin, sorry for slow turnaround.
Now your story is published. I removed link in the middle of copy - it’s against our rules. If you want to promote some services, you can use CallToAction block at your profile and it will drive traffic of your readers.
buzz me if you need some help,

Hope you guys can review this on

Can you guys help me with this article
It has been more than 7 days since I submitted the article.

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Btw, we have a separated thread for stories overdue, check it here: Did you review my stories thread (5+ days since submission)

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Hello Arthur, I have already created a thread regarding the status of my article. but there is no response.

Hello team, 8 Days Ago I submitted the article " Why Flutter is the First Choice of a Developer? Everything you should know"

Kindly Review my Article Please let me know what is the status?

Please reply to me.