Article pending for publishing on hackernoon

Hello mam @natasha,

I have submitted article 17 days ago but it is still not published.

Kindly review my ariticle “Learn how to Implement Ninject in ASP NET MVC in just 2 minutes” and let me know the update on this.


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Hi there, @Hackerhodl

Thanks for your great work!
Just reminding you about this draft: (6.5k words - sorry haha!)

Let me know if you have questions :slight_smile:


That looks like a dev story @yogeshcs2003; please refer to this thread: [NEW] Did you review my stories thread (4+ days since submission)

And the following guidelines:
In your comment, it helps to address/tag the editor that’s responsible for your category directly.


Hello @Storm,

Kindly review my ariticle “Learn how to Implement Ninject in ASP NET MVC in just 2 minutes” and let me know the update on this.

It is pending for the last 18 days time.


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Apologies for the delay, we are dealing with quite a backlog at the moment. Natasha was saying that you should post this message in this thread instead.

Please also link to the draft.


Please verify and approve my article, please few ago posted.


I am looking forward your action soon.


@Darkweb @sacdroid Please look into my issue. Please live my post asap.



@natasha mam please review my article and make it live. It posted 6 days ago, but still not live.

Please check into.
Draft URL:

@jessicajane Please look into.

Sorry @Storm, I think this community is no more active, and which article i had published, still not live.

Hi @Hackerhodl
I have submitted my article on hackernoon 4 days ago. Still, it was pending. Please take a look to verify the story and publish it asap.

Article link -

Thanks & Regards

Hi @natasha, Please review my story

Hi @Hackerhodl I have submitted my story 5 days ago. It was still in drafts. Kindly review my article and publish asap. Here is my article -

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @vignesh Just reviewed your story. Sorry for slow turnaround.
Your story looks fine but for next time i’ll advice to give more insights related to article topic.
I like both education and blockchain fields and hope you can share more of your experience with our tech community

Hi @john07 you article was aiming into my heart :slight_smile: I’m also building food tech project. So it was a pleasure to read it. Btw, in the end i removed promotional link to your company - it’s against our rules and red-flag for rejection. we have callToAction block at author profile - where you can put a link that will be point of direction for traffic. Hoping for understanding.

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Hi @vignesh Just reviewed your second story. I find 2 links related to outsource software development company inside of it. It’s a hard promotion and it’s against our rules. I assume you don’t know it - but please, next time i’ll be forced to reject the story. Second note - for stories like your I’ll advice to give more details, use cases, stats, graphs that can give more information to our readers. for example, you have section with blocks, related to IoT roles. if you add examples for each role - this article will give more insights about IoT market

I’ve submitted a story 5 days ago, it’s pending still pending.
I would appreciate if you took a look.


I’ve submitted a story 5 days ago, this one is still pending.

I think this article fits into @natasha 's category of general tech stories.
Let me know.


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Thanks for your submission, @michielmulders - it’s been reviewed but unfortunately not publishable in current format (title didn’t match content; irrelevant SEO links on keywords in first paragraph).

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