Are TechCrunch trying to step on NordVPN? Can't believe their article

I guess most of you by now know VPNs and NordVPN is one of the leading players in the market. First of all, I use Nord myself, have used it for several years but this is not about that.

Read the TechCrunch article in the morning, link here. First I thought OMG NordVPN being hacked would be big news, but halfway through the article I almost spilt my coffee.

What happened, is that Finish company whom they rented servers from experienced a data breached and an EXPIRED TLS key was leaked. That is not good, and you can execute a MiTM attack with that, which would take some serious effort. But here’s how TechCrunch “security researcher” without a name or company said:

But the security researcher warned that NordVPN was ignoring the larger issue of the attacker’s possible access across the network. “Your car was just stolen and taken on a joy ride, and you’re quibbling about which buttons were pushed on the radio?” the researcher said.

This hardly makes any sense, a leaked expired TLS key cannot compromise the infrastructure of a VPN serice that has 10 million users. And now the cherry on the top: TechCrunch is owned by Verizon that have also released a VPN that was, below average, to put it mildly. Check the review here

So we have a company that owns a VPN and a news source, then publishes biased article full of speculations against a leading VPN company. Can I only ask? Did they expect to get away with this?

Btw, adding a link to the official NordVPN response on this matter. You’ll find news that they will be upgrading their infrastructure in a pretty serious way, so check all of it out.

That’s why I use my own personal private VPNs now :wink:

Personal VPNs solve a lot of trouble, but what about IP addresses. Nord is offerring 6k servers, that has a lot of use cases. And in their statememnt they hinted they will be moving to the “writing to the RAM” structure on their servers, helps to back up the no-logs claim. Somehow this “scandal” makes at least for me Nord look even better. Can’t say the same about Verizon.

I use Nord as well, it’s quite so the most optimal out of the few I’ve tried(HMA, Tunnelbear, Zenmate).

After seeing the title of the article I already knew something was fishy since just a day before I saw the post itself I followed a thread on ycombinator that really looked like infinity war between either their fans or their employees(some of the stuff said there was too technical to think that a casual user would say that). But regardless, not a single person was hurt by that “hack” and Nord stayed quite transparent with their customers after the conflict so props to them.