Are Story Stats working? [+ Suggestions for Stats Page V2]

I’ve tried a couple of times on my mobile and laptop, and it’s still computing.

Same issue here! I tried with different browsers and it never showed the data.

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The last I heard about it, HN is working on solving this issue.

Hey @kolosek & @geekonrecord, sorry about data not displaying. We’ll have a fix in the near future.

Internally, have been discussing a good bit about V2 of the stats page lately. Is their any data and/or functionality you think we should prioritize for?


Thanks for the response @David! I’d prioritize page views for each published post, side it’s one of the most important metrics of engagement.

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If it’s not too much to ask:

  1. Can we have monthly views, as well?

  2. Also, there’s a small problem with the “transition” articles from Medium. Understandably, these old stories had to have a new start with zero views, but can we at least give them another round or cycle of publication and sharing?

  3. Finally, if you can accept this isn’t just some writer’s vanity, the “counter” itself. We don’t need click vs view situation, but I noticed a significant “disproportion” in the number of views that were, for example, shared on Quora. Thousands of views there reflect as hundreds on HN.

This isn’t a popularity contest, but every writer needs to have some kind of indication which stories are “doing” better than the others. These pieces of information influence what you are going to write about a big deal.

Thank you for your time. I totally understand that you have to prioritize the use of your resources.