Are Revamped Story Stats Live?!

I just checked.

I can see the total reading time, not the stats for each story, though.

Had a suggestion for a monthly view too.

My biggest problem, personally. I shared almost all of my HN stories on Quora. I have like 5 times more views according to Quora stats than HN views for the same stories.

Know you’re doing your best. Also, this ain’t a popularity contest.

If I remember correctly, HN has a special partnership with Quora. You can distribute our stories on Quora or something like that.

Fingers crossed for the fully revamped and fully functional story stats. Thx.

Hello, the new /stats page is not live yet, although I see that the message about the revamp is missing! I will will make sure this message is back in to clarify the situation.

In the meantime, know that the data is intact and will be showing in the near future. I am working on getting all the stats into the HN database for faster retrieval. Most 1.0 stories are not showing yet. I am sure there will be an announcement when we are happy to announce to all writers that they can enjoy their stats again :smile:

And yes! A monthly (and daily) view will be possible with the new schema.

Apologies for the confusion. Do feel free to pop in again to preview changes before it is truly ‘live’, as I will wire in the individual story stats listed at the bottom again very soon.

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