Any Hackernooners into the Solid project?


With all the crypto and decentralization talk, I’m surprised Solid doesn’t come up:

I’m interested to hear what the Hackernoon community thinks about the vision of the Solid project.

I find it quite inspiring and exciting.


I’ve been following it as well. Even played around with the solid engine to build a sample app.

I think Tim is one of the most impactful people in the history of humanity and extremely under appreciated, so in that sense every idea he has is worth considering and trying to support. But in this case I think it would just be really hard to get companies to shift to this kind of paradigm cause there isn’t much incentive for them to do so. Also users are lazy and this model requires more ‘responsible e-citizens’. Most people don’t even bother to vote for their own governments, I don’t see a lot of people taking active roles in their own data control.