American Workers Insurance Services, Inc (AWIS) – AWIS Membership Fulfills Healthcare Needs without Any Financial Strain


Having a financial backup at the time of medical emergencies could be very helpful to pay for expensive treatments, hospitalization expenses, and critical health conditions. With this in mind, I decided to enroll in a suitable medical plan to make my health and wellness journey as smooth and easy as possible.


With the growing healthcare expenses, it makes no sense to stay unprepared with zero savings and medical plans at times of emergencies. Illness or accidental injuries are inevitable but we can plan wisely to save ourselves from a financial burden and focus more on recovery.

Critical illness or injuries doesn’t come with prior notice. I started facing health problems when I reach my late thirties due to my sedentary lifestyle. I couldn’t afford to drain my savings in hospital bills and medical treatment. A friend of mine suggested to me enroll in a standardized medical plan that is easy to use and tailored to meet my medical ambitions within a low budget.

My research has led me to American Workers Insurance Services, Inc (AWIS), a prominent agency in Houston offering a reliable medical plan to American workers, families, and individuals across the United States. Keep reading to know more about how my enrollment process went and how the plan proved to be beneficial so far.

AWIS Houston – Helped me Understand the Suitable Options

Ranging from serious illness to injuries, AWIS offers all kinds of programs to improve the well-being of individuals while saving time and money. The qualified staff has members’ back right from the start,clarifying concerns regarding medical plans, procedures, and pricing to deliver an outstanding experience.

Enrollment Procedure – Via Online or Expert Consultation

I decided to enroll in their ‘Smart Health Series’ plan, starting at just $29.95 (per member) that deliver high value with the largest PPO networks, telemedicine services, and healthcare needs at discounted prices. AWIS Houston BBB describes that the team always goes extra miles to make health and wellness choices easier for its members, and I couldn’t agree more. The best part is I can easily access my personalized my plan online from anywhere at any time.

AWIS Membership – Overview of Benefits and Coverage

The plan basically covered a set of preventive services, of course, one needs to pay the deductible but it is all worth the effort. These preventive services include certain health screenings and benefits like emergency services, hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescription drugs, mental health, preventive care, telemedicine facilities, and everything else at economical prices. Therefore, a health plan becomes an absolute necessity for acquiring coverage against exorbitant healthcare expenses in case of illness or accident.

I recently had leg surgery and thanks to AWIS membership that saved around $200.78 on my initial doctors’ visit fee and $189.66 on the remaining three visits. The plan literally saved me over $1,800 every month or two. The way they listen to queries and act with understanding, integrity, and insight is really praiseworthy. Overall, I’ve had an incredible experience and would suggest everyone go through American Workers reviews/complaints to gain valuable insights and make a rational decision.


No one plans to get sick but such situations are just inevitable. That’s why I enrolled in the AWIS savings program to protect my savings and satisfy my healthcare needs in a comprehensive manner. From consultation to enrollment procedure and paying a claim timely, the team has my back at every step of the way that made my health and wellness choice easier than ever before. AWIS Houston proved to be my financial lifesaver and I would strongly recommend this plan to everyone.

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The trusted agency, dedicated to offering the most reliable and flexible medical plans to American workers, families, and individuals across the United States to fulfill their healthcare ambitions in the best possible manner. The company is making health and wellness choices easier by providing budget- friendly and tailored programs.