Amazon Buys More Robotic Tech & Talent

No thanks, Mr.Bezos?

Will we live in a world where EVERYTHING is Amazon?



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Well this is the era of AI & Machine Learning, which would be the future (no arguing on that).

Here are some amazing things you might want to know about AI in respective fields.


Is that second robots company or I missing something? previous purchase was for 200mil.
And this is where Andrew Yang will get his voters!


I honestly don’t know much about Andrew Yang, just that he seems to be really popular. How will this get him voters? Where does he stand on automation and UBI?


Automation(self-driving trucks + product delivery) will put a lot of people out of jobs. Details is here: Really must watch.
he is positive about implementing UBI


Nice! I’ll have to watch that video later. I actually started a thread about this, how automation is going to put so many people out of work that it’s going to become a national crisis.

If he’s in favor of UBI (and more importantly, impeachment), I’m all for him. I’ll have to read more about him for sure. Unfortunately, I’m not a registered Democrat (I registered as an independent voter, for many reasons), so I can’t vote in the primaries, as far as I know…even though I vote Democrat all day. Our system is truly fucked in that regard (and many others).

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