AMA Signup/Nomination Thread

Hello! We will be opening up this community to more people soon, and we are looking for amazing hackers, makers, doers, and tech nerds to do AMAs. Ask Me Anything! Obviously, they’ll occur at noon! I’m thinking PST.

To kickoff this program, we are looking for people who have done remarkable things in tech. What do I mean about remarkable? Well, have other people remarked about how cool it is that [name] did [thing] or [name] founded [company]? Founders, CTOs, Crypto Pioneers, and amazing strangers who you just wished you got to ask that one super serious question, like…

“What’s the dumbest assumption you ever had about your product?”
“Why do you allow the most annoying notification on your phone to happen day after day?”
“How will Bitcoin manage the CPU energy tradeoff?”
“What animal is most like your approach to hiring?”
“When did you startup would 10x?”


I can nominate a handful of true, blockchain pioneers that have built this industry to what it is today. For example, killerstorm from ChromaWay, who was one of the first to create “colored coins” which we simply call today: tokens. His work heavily influenced Vitalik’s vision of Ethereum (which Vitalik himself said), he was also the first to think of the concept of sidechains, UI friendly multisig wallets, and a whole bunch of stuff. Way ahead of his time. Erik Voorhees is also a possibility if the audience is large enough. Vinny Lingham also another one.

I have a pretty big network of pioneers, thanks to one of our advisors… let me know if there’s any interest.


We should invite people who aren’t traditionally thought of as technologists if we think they’ve got an interesting perspective we can learn from. Tina Fey and Stephen King both come to mind for their writing and creativity. The Ok Go team could be another interesting option.


Hey @han_lunardigital, Killerstorm, Erik Voorhees, and Vinny Lingham would all be great guests.

We did our first AMA today, and it went pretty well. Definitely some things to improve on in terms of marketing (like announcing the AMA more in advance), but I think the discussion was really great. In additional to the thread, the guest’s best advice will be tweeted quoted 10 or so times from the Hacker Noon account and there will be a blog post summarizing the best advice.

Excited to have @csallen’s AMA coming up later this month.


Hi! I would like to nominate Steven Parker, ex-General Manager at Visa and currently CEO at crypto payment startup.
I guess it will be interesting for many to understand what potential did a top manager of such a traditional payment giant like Visa saw in cryptocurrencies to make this big turn in his career. Here is a piece from his article published in HuckerNoon:

"In the early 2000s, Visa began promoting contactless payments. Now in many countries, people can no longer imagine life without tapping their cards and fast payment checkout, but it has taken us 10 long years … Back then, I was a General Manager at Visa and led a team that helped to introduce contactless payments across Central Eastern Europe. It was not easy, but we already knew that this technology would create new consumer habits and help consumers pay in new ways.

3 months ago, I joined the blockchain startup Crypterium because I see many parallels: similar to contactless payments, cryptocurrency can significantly simplify and improve the lives of billions of people … In addition, cryptocurrencies can enable completely new ways to send and receive funds, borrow or save, as well as make payments. It is an exciting evolution, maybe revolution, in the way that customers can access financial services and I am excited to be part of this new wave."

I believe that AMA with Steven can become a meeting place for discussion and reflection on this important issue - Can cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies replace traditional payment methods in the future?

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