AMA on Engineering Management by Rick Newman [27th May 2PM - 5PM PT]


Hi Hacker Nooners,

Rick Newman is slated to host the next Hacker Noon AMA

Who’s Rick?

Rick’s spent more than a decade in engineering leadership with small and large teams learning about how people interact with each other and with organizations. His current focus is in fostering cultures of (appropriate!) vulnerability, trust, and feedback…especially with regard to those teams and groups that work entirely / primarily remote and distributed.

He’s prone to using far too many movie quotes in 1:1s to be considered reasonable and the people who work with him know more about his dog than they need to.

He’s a Director of Engineering at Salesforce where he works with a few different teams on observability, release management, and Languages support for the Heroku platform and for the upcoming Salesforce Evergreen.


Hi, Rick! Enjoyed reading your career path story! Therefore I was wondering why does vulnerability matter among engineering teams?


Hi there! Can you please give some advice on how not to lose your focus between managing teams and diving into specific engineering problems?



Decade in engeneering leadership sounds exciting! From your perspective, how team management have evolved and are there some trends in the timeline of it?

Heroku is one of the best remote employer among tech industry. How does your organization culture helps to drive the team spirit especially in remote era?

Hi Rick!
What are the chances of building a trust in a distibuted team, when day to day interaction remains not so authentic sometimes compared to real life offices?


Just came to say hello! So what should we know about your dog, that your teammates don’t know yet? :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for doing it!
What is the best movie quote to describe enginering team management?

Hey there Rick! Thanks for doing this AMA.

If I gave you $10 million to invest in one place right now, where would you put it?


Hi Rick, thank you for sharing your experience!

Do you have any advice on software engineering hiring process? Which soft skilss one should focus on when choosing the right employee?


Hello Rick!
Can you please share how has yous story with Heroku company started ?

Hi Rick!
If you could choose only 1 team value to guide the whole team for 5 years, what would this value be?

Hey Rick! By your opinion, what will change in PAAS market in 10 years from now on?


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Hi Rick!

You have the opportunity to time travel and remake any movie with the original cast as the Director. The only catch is you also have to play the role of the villain. Which movie and role would you pick and why?


Hi Rick, would like to know your thoughts in regard to Zuckerberg’s shift of senior Engineering teams to a decentralised workforce. In past years Salesforce has an impression of micromanaging people’s time.

Thanks for doing this, Rick.

How has the pandemic affected the way different teams work within your purview?


What do you think about the future of work?

Hey Rick, we’ve been experimenting with a product funnel, and we ultimately tie all decisions to spend time on something or not back to the possibe outcome on our core three metrics: time reading, words published, and money made. My question is, how do you and your team decide what to build next?

How has COVID impacted your ability to forecast the development/ resource pipeline needs for the upcoming fiscal year?