All of my drafts disappeared and a whole bunch of stats for my stories are gone

All of my drafts and published stories disappeared and a whole bunch of stats for stories are gone…

My writer profile is now blank…

This is concerning…

Hi @patrickleet,

Your profile got caught in our spam filter for using at least one spammy keyword and was quarantined. Your stories are safe as is your profile. We’re working to restore your profile status to its previous state and you should be able to access your profile as before within 24 hours.

Really sorry for this.


Can you elaborate on how to avoid this? A spammy keyword where?

The term ‘click here’ was in your ad text, which is why it was picked up. The issue has been resolved now and you should be continue as before once you’ve requested a password reset on your account. Sorry for the trouble, and please let us know if you have any issues.

Still can’t login - reset my password, and then went to login/signup, and that takes me to sign up instead of logging in, and then tells me to chose a handle, and then says that handle is already taken.

Hey Patrick,

You should have a received a new password reset email. Please let me know if you are still unable to log in after resetting your password through there.

That link did not work

Still unable to access my account

Hey @Storm,

I still haven’t been able to access my account

Sorry @patrickleet, we’re still having a couple of issues with the recovery.

It’s strange, because our auth system says you logged in today, so I guess it’s more likely an issue with getting into the app.
To us out, it’d be great if you could provide some more feedback.

  1. When you visit, does it just show the ‘Sign up or login’ button? Then when you enter your creds, what happens?
  2. When you go through the reset password flow. What happens exactly? Do you get the email / are you able to reset the password / what happens when you try to log in after that?
    The screenshots help.

Appreciate your patience. :pray:

  1. yes - I keep getting to the “That handle is taken” screen up above.
  2. yes - “That handle is taken”

The email that you sent out, separate from me resetting my password, was expired by the time I saw it a couple hours later.

Thanks for the info.

We’ve got a fix that will deployed tomorrow, so you should be able to access from then.

Hey @patrickleet, I’ve just deployed a fix for this. Could you try to access your account again and let me know how it goes?

I’m in! Thanks!