Advice needed for a new freemium pricing model for tab manager

Hey everyone, I would like your help/advice. We launched MyTabs a week ago. It’s a tab management chrome extension that allows one to save tabs for later when you have too many open. If you’re like me the tabs can pile up and become distracting as well as slow down your computer. So it’s good for keeping on task and staying focused but also for freeing up CPU memory so your computer isn’t sluggish. :slight_smile: Not that that’s out of the way.

We’re getting ready to change MyTabs into a freemium model. We’re planning to offer core features free with a limited amount of tabs.

What do you think is a good tab limit for the free option?
Also, what would you charge for the premium option?
Would that be monthly, yearly or onetime?

KeMonte’ - Founder of MyTabs