Access to mail addresses for HN Subs?

There was a rumor we’d be able to access mail subscriber email lists via our HN posts. I don’t see subs or this function, though. Is this in the roadmap?

I just dug out all the emails I could find from my GitHub followers, forkers, and star-ers. It’d be great to add to this fledging email list.



@arthur.tkachenko shoutout :slight_smile:


it will be cool to have that feature. i see how a lot of people put`s newsletter form in the bottom of their articles. it’s worth doing because you have a tool to notify people about your new articles

Or sell them stuff, yeah. A MailChimp with double opt-in is good because you can offer a freebie for signing up that you provide to them as a hosted like DropBox link in the final confirmation/thank-you mail… I did it once having ghost-written Kindle books and offering an audiobook for them.

Having a mailing list is a fantastic idea for a bunch of different reasons, as you can position affiliate products or indeed syndicate new articles that way…

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Like so…

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Made an HN post, pending review…

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No lie, the download link is now broken and that domain no longer registered but

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@Hackerhodl @David @linh feedback on that article that was rejected? thx

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Hi @jare,

Long-time reader and fan of your stories. Love what you’re doing with your trading bot and how you share your experiences with us.

This story, that got rejected needed a bit more depth. How about adding a few helpful images to make the reader understand. Sometimes, what seems clear to us might not be so for the reader.

Be happy to read your story again once you’ve edited it.


hey @Hackerhodl thanks for writing back :slight_smile:

The story does have 6 images on my side, can you have a look and see if they show up on the editor’s side? Otherwise, maybe I should aim for a higher word count?

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