About Our Information-based Reality with Riz Virk

About Our Information-based Reality with Riz Virk

Episode 61 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Author/Entrepreneur Riz Virk:

Science, religion, and nature are so close and yet so far. While science and technology destroyed what nature was initially, it is now trying to build it back. And science is so close to religion and yet so many times it defies what religion says. It’s a total mess, to say the least.

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Hey greentech, thanks for the thoughtful comment. There’s a lot in there.

I have to admit, I’m less concerned for the planet and its nature, and more concerned about what it’s going to do about its human virus…

I think George Carlin put it best (albeit a bit abrasively:wink:) when he said the planet will outlast humanity by some billions of years.

It seems to me (and what the hell do I know?) that humanity’s need for more and more, in an immediate gratification sense, destroyed (or maybe just transformed) the way nature was pre-industrial revolution, and we used science and technology to further that aim, because, “yay! stuff!” and “I want more stuff than you have!” and “hey everybody, look at me!” and we still do it for some crazy reason! I am glad, though, to see that people like you can see the error of our ways, and would seek to enhance the dialogue in the face of the blithely oblivious.

It seems that science and religion is a manifestation of nature – spawned out of the epic level of creativity (and opposable thumbs) that humankind has been blessed with – and it’s hard to see that the real culprit is us. Humankind. Why? I mean, who wants to see themselves as the destroyers of their world? Oh, the shame.

We’re still playing games of power and control at the geopolitical level (who would ever want to rule the world anyway? even if you did, we humans don’t handle long term subjugation very well, so that, inevitably, would end badly), games that trickle down into the fabric of culture and society, and we play it out with each other on the most mundane of playing fields, rather than taking up our personal responsibility of individual, non-competitive evolution of the self.

Instead we come up with various means of control i.e. religion, science, imperialist corporate intent…why do we that? What long term good has it served? Sure there have been some truly wondrous “advancements” and there appear to be some still on the horizon, but if it’s only because people want to be “baller”, and lord that over their fellows, I start to lose interest pretty fast.

I do like that there are those who would work hard to mitigate our effect on the environment (it must be really hard work). Even if the planet will be here long after we are, nobody wants to live in their own waste matter:


We flounder and reel at all of our failings and inconsistencies, and even when we attempt to rectify our mistakes we have a great talent for screwing that up too.

Sounds remarkably human…

I really don’t know what the answer is, and it may even be too late to stop. The whole thing may need to crumble down around us for any major changes to occur, and it’s funny how many people I’ve met who would love for that to happen, despite the extreme challenges that would present to humanity.

And who am I to say, really? Seems like saying things out loud will get you kiss on forehead, or a punch in the teeth, but hopefully it stokes conversation (any conversation) and thoughts about humanity’s direction.

It’s a mess, certainly, but it’s a beautiful mess.