About Code Pong


Code Pong is a simple game to help software developers hone their skills and explore new concepts.

  1. Someone starts a new game by posting a new concept they’d like to explore. We recommend using CodePen, JSFiddle or Code Sandbox.
  2. You can join in by forking and building onto the initial concept. Once you are happy with your iteration, post it to the thread.
  3. You don’t need to fork the most recent submission. Feel free to fork any submission in the thread.
  4. The game never ends and there aren’t any winners. You can also choose to think about all participants as winners if you are more of a glass-half-full type.

General guidelines for posting new threads.

  1. Be transparent about your motivations behind exploring a concept. You can use code from the thread in a production application but we just ask that you are upfront about your intentions.
  2. If you do plan to use someone’s code, we recommend you ask for permission and give attribution. Just be a good internet neighbor and do the right thing.

That’s it! Good luck and have fun!

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User Bio Concept - Code Pong

Guess I’ll get started!


edit: whoops, I see another thread for this one. I’ll post it there.

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