A step by step guide to connect your Medium account to your Hacker Noon account

A step by step guide to connect your Medium account to your Hacker Noon account

This is part of the How to series from Hacker Noon support.


I am not able to login. It is redirecting to Login page again and again


Sorry about that, @arjunjaiswal231.

Could you provide us with a screenshot of your browser cosole please? The more detailed the better.

In the meantime, I would try to open HackerNoon.com in incognito and repeat the process. After you are logged in, try typing in app.hackernoon.com directly.

Looping in our developers @austin & @Dane

I put the email and password here:

After that I am always redirected to:
(Will add the screenshot in next reply, as I am allowed to use one image only)

I am able to login community.hackernoon.com but can’t open hackernoon profile.

I see. So sorry. My guess is it could be a cache issue.

Did you try on incognito? Or maybe perhaps just switch to a different browser? Perhaps turn on and off our computer and clear all cache?

Sorry to be pressing, just wanna exhaust all options that could be the case first.

@support I don’t think it’s a cache issue. I’m facing the same problem. When I try to log into my account, I get the same page over and over again.

Here’s the page I see when I enter my account details.

I’ll click on sign up or log in, and I’ll be redirected to the same page again. I would appreciate if you could offer a solution. Thanks!

@support Same problem here.
Also when I go to the app directly - https://app.hackernoon.com/profile - I see both ‘Login’ and ‘Logout’ options even after I’ve logged in and the ‘Save’ button doesn’t work…
I’m using Chrome but I’ve also tried two other browsers - it’s the same issue every time.

Sorry about that, guys. A few things to note:

  • Since y’all have a community.hackernoon.com account, thanks to SSO, you can use the same email & password to sign on to Hacker Noon. To check this, if you go to hackernoon.com and see your profile avatar instead of “get started”, it means you are logged in! No need to try signing up again.

  • If you do see your profile avatar on the right, you can click on it and it will lead you to app.hackernoon.com/profile

  • If you do want to test the sign up flow again, I suggest you do it within a 10 minute window from start to finish. Use the same browser, and click on the email verification link provided to you without refreshing any page.

Let me know if any of that helps! Happy to investigate this further if it still doesn’t work!

Actually, I don’t see any avatar. When I go to community.hackernoon.com, I can see it, but not on hackernoon.com.

All I see is subscribe button and some social links. If I open it in incognito mode, then there’s additional Get Started button suggesting that I’m not signed in. I follow the process and still the same. And, I’ve also tried going to the app directly – https://app.hackernoon.com/profile, the save button doesn’t seem to work. The space to the right of “@” when I’m supposed to enter my username is not working. It’s not clickable, just empty white screen.

That sucks. Sorry about that. Let’s have a call tomorrow. Myself or @Hackerhodl can go over step-by-step with you on everything.

Last hope though: please try everything you can that’s suggested in this help doc.

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Did everything, but still not able to login. :frowning:

same happening with me

Would love to be able to speak to someone as I’ve gone through the documents etc, and I still have a couple of questions. I think it would only take 5 minutes for someone who knows the system to answer all my questions though

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I can’t login & connect my medium account. I’m not seeing way to edit my article. This is radicals! You guys should have fix these issues before migration. I’m not happy at all.

Absolutely @Mappo. @Hackerhodl or I would be happy to help. What time works for you?

  • Linh

Sorry about that. We are still migrating and haven’t finished. Medium keeps bleeding us by not distributing any story that’s not behind the paywall. We have to move at some point.

Can you detail the problem and I can help you out?

–> If you’re able to log in to this forum, that’s the first step. The next step would be to log in to hackernoon.com using the same email & pass word.

Once you are logged in, please enter your Medium handle “joynaluu” in the “social” tab, next to the word “Medium”. It looks like this:

Sorry - past stories are not editable directly on the app at the moment. We are still working through a robust Medium verification system to avoid abuse (so people won’t be able to edit your stories, for example). But we’re happy to make changes for you. Please detail what you need changes via this form.

Hope that answers your questions, and sorry for the troubles.

Same login issue as other people: here’s the js error in the console:

user.js:59 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘displayName’ of undefined
at user.js:59
at E (runtime.js:63)
at Generator._invoke (runtime.js:282)
at Generator.e. [as next] (runtime.js:116)
at r (asyncToGenerator.js:3)
at s (asyncToGenerator.js:25)

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Thank you very much. I’m available anytime most days from 10am-4pm SG time.

@support @linh For the first time in days, I’m able to see my profile avatar and other options like New Draft, stats, dashboard, etc.

Now, I can’t update my profile. When I try to save changes, it shows an error. Here’s the screenshot of the error message:

I enter my medium handle in the social section but not able to save it for some reasons. Any ideas?

Edit: My profile has been updated.

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