A quick guide on how to optimize your website for mobile

Mobile is evolving fast and soon it’ll be the dominant platform. To continue succeeding in the digital era, and to appear in top search results, you need to design websites that provide a great mobile experience for users. So here’re some ecommerce website design tips for mobile devices.

1. Make your website lightning-fast. Websites that load fast increase the lead generation for e-commerce businesses, since there’s a direct connection between page loading speed and conversion rates. Users won’t go back to a website with poor performance.There are a lot of useful free tools that can help you check your website speed. So after you’ve checked your website speed, try to compress the code. This procedure can compress the size of your code by up to 95%. Also, keep your images small, but don’t forget to maintain quality. As a result, your page load will be faster.

2. Convenient checkout experience. Your checkout page should be sketched specifically for mobile, with a user-friendly look and functionality. To decrease cart abandonment and increase customer’s conversion, you have to make the checkout process as easy as possible. So it’s better to restrict the number of input fields needed for checkout and ask only for the information that is necessary to fulfil an order. Moreover, autofill information can be a solution, that saves time. For first-time visitors, you can also fill in some of the information, for example, postcode information.

3. Effective on-site search. Site search is a crucial element of a good mobile-first site. And, as a result, there are a lot of aspects you need to take into consideration for efficient site search.
A position of search boxes. It’s better to place the site search box in a visible position on the page near the top of the page in the left corner.
Size of the site search box. It would be better to apply an expandable search-box. This is particularly significant for retailer companies with a wide product range.
Use auto-complete. It has various benefits. Firstly, it makes the search process faster. Secondly, it helps users to avoid mistakes. Thirdly, it also guarantees that customers’ queries will give a product result.

4. Product page as the face of your website. There are a few tips on how you can improve your product page and persuade visitors to purchase the item.
Product position. Product photography should be placed in the center of all pages of a mobile website as online customers base their purchasing decisions on the visual display of a product.
Zoom-in Function. The best solution is to introduce flexible zoom, with the help of which a visitor can make the picture full screen by double-tapping it and making it even bigger by using two-finger pinch zoom.
Less text. Try to reduce the amount of text on your product pages to the absolute minimum, leave just product name, price, short description, and a call-to-action button.
Color Optimization. Colors are more important than you might think, as they turn our attention to the elements that should be highlighted.

So when you’re done designing the mobile website, don’t forget to test it on various devices.


You also need to optimize images, make your mobile website responsive for different screen resolutions.


AMP is also definitely worth taking into consideration. https://developers.google.com/amp/

Also follow Google’s guidelines to optimize your website for mobile using https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

A mobile website is a shrunken-down version of a normal website, consisting of a series of linked browser-based HTML pages, and accessed over the Internet through the browser. Websites designed for mobile devices are different in appearance with larger icons and buttons to suit the touch-screen interface and improve UX. Responsive design ensures the web pages scale up or down, for any sized device.

Anyone has an idea about W3 total cache plugin in order to decrease the wordpress uploading speed? is it worth trying?

I’m not wrong if I say in today’s scenario 80% of the website audience prefer mobile devices over the laptop, PC or tablet. If we talk about the figures there 3 billion mobile owners at the same time 1.3 billion laptop owners.
When it comes to mobile it is more comfortable to use and versatile as compared to a laptop or other device reason for this can be it’s cheap as well as easy to carry.
Mobile Design
It’s very important for a website to have the mobile-friendly interface as well as the theme that is compatible with all type of mobile devices. It should have the capabilities to adapt all type of mobile interfaces.

Focus on your target audience. As you know the audience will come maximum from the mobile then make sure to make the site compatible with the mobile interface.

Customer Feedback
It’s very important to take the feedback of the customers as this is the only way to improve. You’ll improve according to the views your audience provides about you and your site.

I’m talking about all the above points after looking at the web development company site. I analyzed it and came to the point that above things should be kept in notice.