A new outline app suits me more than WorkFlowy and Dynalist

:grin: Hello~ I am new here.

Last week, I found a outline app called MINIFT on Google Play, and started to use it since than.:heart:

I think this software is more suitable for me compared to WorkFlowy&Dynalist.

:stuck_out_tongue:Here are some reasons:

When I use WorkFlowy, I always feel that it was not convenient to classify documents.:sob: But Minift solves this problem well. Minift uses folder form to manage documents. So I just need to place my documents like what I do in computer.

What’s more, WorkFlowy does not support RTF.:face_with_thermometer: To be honest, WorkFlowy has a pure function, but I think RTP is necessary, I need to highlight items to make the document clearer.

Let’s talk about Dynalist’s shortcoming. When searching, it can’t search the contents of the sub-lists that are being folded. In contrast, Minift supports global search. You can search for any keywords in the depth of the text directly in the main interface.

In my opinion, only the software that works best for you is the best software. So I think maybe Minift is my best choice.

I recommend this tool to you all.:yum: