A New Era of Automated Trust Built on Digital Ledger Technology

Level01 is Forbes #1 Blockchain Company To Watch in Asia. Powerful Fairsense AI will bring you the fairest, safest and fastest derivatives exchange in the world, with trusted data source from Thomson Reuters.

Level01 leverages blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, to create derivatives (options) exchange & trading platform where financial trading in Forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies can be conducted on a peer-to-peer basis, without a need for an intermediary broker.

Level01 offers a platform that is easily accessible to retail traders: enabling them to trade directly with each other while ensuring low costs, fair pricing, transparency, and peace of mind because their funds and assets are not exposed to any risks.

We believe by empowering you with the best tools and information, we will revolutionize the financial markets so that they serve everyone, equally and fairly. While people constantly fighting, working or seeking for betterment in life, we believed with our technologies, we will bring peace and equilibrium to the financial markets.

Feel free to check our solution (https://level01.io) and contact us for any additional information!

We would love to hear back from the community - because, Level01helps in discovering the possibilities of derivatives trading. Also, we are the World’s first brokerless derivatives exchange with trusted data source from Thomson Reuters. And, if there’s interest, we would love to contribute by sharing news/explanations through articles!