A marketplace where APIs are cheaper?

Just launched a new platform for APIs and would like to get your thoughts. It is useful for the community. Apinomics is a marketplace to pay less for smarter APIs.

We really feel the pain that the business model of APIs is not fair and sometimes unrelated to the way we use APIs. In addition, quite often it can be a pain to navigate all the documentation and realize which API endpoints to call to fit the need and then parse the data to use the datapoints needed. We usually pay for all the data with a business model based on API calls. However, most often, we only use some of the data which might not be always useful for the final API user.

Because of this frustration, we created Apinomics. You can tailor your favorite APIs to your needs and pay only based on the value it brings to your business or project.

In more details it provides the following value:


Pay for what you use. Get pricing adapted to the way you create value from APIs.


Select only what you really need and mesh your favorite APIs together.


We automatically tweak APIs or find alternative APIs in case of change. Your integrations will never break.

We provide some API examples on www.apinomics.co The platform is still invite only but you can request it from the website. In average we have calculated we can reduce the cost by 40%. We ambition to make any commercial API cheaper and smarter. I would love to get your feedback on this :slight_smile:

On top, if you are interested in a specific API, let us know.

Many thanks

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