A little motivation: what are you hacking on in your spare time?


Coming up with useful applications of Machine Learning can be an exciting and complicated problem. Sure, I can do the same linear regression problem everyone does, with the same data, but if I’m not excited about what I’m creating, how can I expect anyone else to be interested?

Then I got the idea, what about NSFW detection for client and server! This could cut down on work for teams, as well as provide a high-profile project for others.

Since creating the NSFW model, throngs of people have tweeted, and shown up to add pull requests. I’ll even be Keynoting in Italy, to review the project.

One common request, a lot of people keep asking for the training data. I’m both entertained and engaged in all the interactions in this project. Never would I have assumed so many people would help me learn, challenge me to grow, and take interest in my project.

Because of this, I’ve documented the entire project here: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-set-up-nsfw-content-detection-with-machine-learning-229a9725829c

And released a JavaScript library here: https://shift.infinite.red/avoid-nightmares-nsfw-js-ab7b176978b1

What’s your cool project?

Share the thing you’re hacking away on in your spare time! The thing that you want to share with the world, and no 9 to 5 will stop you?


Nice idea! I notice that you have a sexy score associated with photos. I actually took engagement photos with my fiancee last week. Maybe we should try and hack your library to see which photos get the highest sexy rating. :bulb:


Great question, thanks for sharing! I’m currently working on a Pico-8 game with my friend Richard. It’s going to be an old-school role-playing game in the style of the original Dragon Warrior (aka Dragon Quest) for the NES, entirely randomly generated. This will include the map, and quests! Quests will be generated using a series of common “quest components”, like “retrieve this item”, “clear this dungeon”, “travel to this location”, and so on. The object is to find the Holy Grail, whose location will be hinted at with each quest you complete.

This game might be a bit ambitious for such a limited platform, but we want to push the Pico-8 to its limits. It’s gotten us reading about old-school optimization techniques for generating and rendering large worlds on under-powered systems, which is great. Even if we don’t realize our full vision on the Pico-8, it’s worth it for that experience alone.

Aside from that, I still want to finish my toolkit for creating your own old-school RPG in the browser, tentatively named “Adventure Kit”. This kit would include a pixel art editor, a music composition interface, and most importantly, a scripting language designed for games, and RPGs in particular. I got as far as the sprite editor and the music composition, but ended up diving into a Lispy rabbit hole when it came to the scripting language. Designing your own language is quite a challenge…but one day… :smile: I think the first step is to finish a game on Pico-8, then to finish a game using Phaser or some other Javascript library. Once I’ve done that, I’ll have a solid foundation for an engine I can script with whatever language I design.


We are working on a chrome extension that will help users make highlights, add notes and tags to relevant sections on all web pages. These notes and highlights will be prompted when you revisit the page. You can also search through your notes and highlights from the dashboard.

Looking forward to feedback and feature requests from fellow Hacker Noon members.


I can help you! Have you ever done classification hacking before?

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Nope but it should be a fun experiment! I plan on spending a little time on this in a few weeks. Anything tips on getting started?

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I have some code, but I need to clean it up. Would you want it specifically setup to create false positives in NSFW model or some other model?


next up, turning amipolls.com into hackernoon polls.


trying to slowly turn this household into a Disneyworld. #mamanoshame

@David does not like it.

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