A Frontend Developer's Perspective on UI Design Tools

A Frontend Developer’s Perspective on UI Design Tools

Hey there :wave:Thanks for checking my first Hackernoon article. My name is Vova and I’m a self-taught front-end engineer. I started learning front-end two years ago and was lucky to land my first job in a tech startup. Getting the first job is (very) challenging but the startup I applied to wanted to give equal chances to the professionals of all levels.

So the last 1.5 years I was playing with React, Redux, Webpack, fetch, Node.js, Express.js Backend, Webhooks.…You know, in a startup you are wearing different hats. I was making 20+ landing pages, setting up A/B tests, helping the marketing team to make automation and eventually doing some design tasks.

That’s fun and I always enjoyed design tasks, even if they were small. So it became asking myself, what other people are using for making design tasks?

Here is what I got from a small Twitter research: