A Cloudflare app to announce product updates


Hi there,

I created my first Cloudflare app: ContentShowcase.

The app was created for a personal and recurrent need to announce product updates on customer pages. Developing ContentShowcase on Cloudflare was a great pleasure. Today, I share it on this community as I think that some users and developers might be interested. Besides, I would love to get your feedback :heart_eyes:

What is Content Showcase for? it’s a Cloudflare app that allows highlighting important pieces of content to engage your users or visitors when they browse your pages.

For instance, you can use it to announce:

  • :memo: blog posts,
  • :star2: product updates,
  • :money_with_wings: giveaways and coupons,
  • :man_teacher: webinars,
  • :calendar: event registrations,
  • :ledger: surveys,
  • :busts_in_silhouette: job opportunities,
  • :calendar: maintenances,
  • :cat: product hunt featuring,
  • :cookie: GDPR compliance for cookie consent,
  • and more

What are the differences with similar solutions that are already on the market?

  • Unlimited impressions.
  • No coding knowledge required, even for the installation, thanks to Cloudflare.
  • Support for images, videos, and Click-To-Action (CTA) buttons.
  • Styles and behaviors customization options.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.