8 days since I submitted the draft


It’s been 8 days since I submitted the draft of my story also have sent several emails to the Hackernoon team regarding my story status but haven’t got any response. I understand that Hackernoon is a busy portal but It’s extremely important for me to get the story out on time.
Please update me on the current status of my story
Here is the draft link - https://medium.com/@48124879b509/8e4944ccc66f?sk=
Thank You

  1. are you contributor to HN or it’s your first submission?
  2. did you submit your story via contribute.hackernoon.com form?

hey @swanand, your story has not been reviewed because there is a paywall on it. Did you mean to add this star and paywall to this story submission? Hackernoon.com is free stories for readers. Medium removed publication’s ability to remove paywalls from stories in effort to move from ‘publications are content management systems’ to ‘publications are (medium) playlists.’ If you want to publish with Hackernoon, please remove the star (pictured above) that creates a popup ad for Medium’s paywall, and an editor will review it.


Hello @David, I have removed the star now and have resent the draft to Hackernoon team, I didn’t knew it because this is my first time. All I care is my article, Money is not important. Thank you for your help David. I hope it will be get published soon now.


Hello @arthur.tkachenko,

  1. It’s my first submission but I am accepted as a writer to publish stories on Hackernoon
  2. Yes, I did submit it via Contribute.hackernoon.com

@Storm can you help with it?

Sorry @swanand i miss your reply


Hey @arthur.tkachenko, the post was published on June 25th https://hackernoon.com/https-hackernoon-com-how-i-built-the-fastest-online-store-for-a-home-decor-brand-8e4944ccc66f?sk

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Perfect, just was away for a few days and find out that I forget to reply to this thread - thanks for letting me know - trying to be useful