7 Tips that will Make You a Better Front End Developer

7 Tips that will Make You a Better Front End Developer

Being a front end developer is a challenging job. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, there are always ways you can improve and raise the quality of your work. You need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn and improve the skill. Begin to build good habits like proper planning and even learning when to say no. Here are seven tips that will make you a better front end developer.

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Thank you for this article.
I agree with all the tips that you shared.

For me personally, I think Frontend developer should have great project management skills. Because without those skills - you’ll be in trouble.

This is how I get some skills in frontend - I was put on dying project and nobody want to work on it. So I should plan what to do and my changes affect my future work.

Like if I decide to make step A, in 2 weeks if that was a wrong move - I’ll have problems because of that decision.

So any frontend developer that I was interviewing before was also a great team player. It’s a pretty common thing. If you backend developer - you can be on your own - and it will be enough to produce results. But the frontend part is a bit different.

I also think that frontend developer should have some sort of design taste and following ‘new trends’. Because everything is changing so quickly…