5 Best DNS Lookup Tools in the Market Today

5 Best DNS Lookup Tools in the Market Today

The Domain Name System (DNS) as the Internet’s phonebook makes an online entity’s domain a critical component of its infrastructure. Its functionality and importance are discussed in detail in this DNS Primer. Overall, any company that wants to make its online presence felt needs to ensure that its domain remains accessible to intended audiences and potential customers at all times.


I was Googling for some DNS resources when I got to your page. I can see that you have great content. Moreover, I saw that you mentioned MXToolbox and Whatsmydns in your article on 5 Best DNS Lookup Tools in the Market Today!
I wanted to suggest another similar but somewhat more useful tool https://dnschecker.org/. You might want to give it a try.

Some of the cool features of DNSChecker are

  • Add your custom DNS server
  • IPv4, IPv6 DNS servers available
  • Provides 300+ DNS servers for lookup
    — Continent List
    — Country List

This website will be an excellent addition to your page and helpful for users.