3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: Variable Font Fraunces

Hi everyone! I write a series called FontDiscovery. Every week I create a digestible visual guide about fonts, marketing, and design ideas to help founders and markers step up their marketing and get creative.

In this post, I share some tips about using the font Fraunces and explain the Variable Font trend. Here is a quick overview:

Font of the Week: Fraunces
Similar to EB Garamond, which we introduced previously, Fraunces is also what’s considered an “old-style serif.” An old-style serif communicates traditional values. If we compare Fraunces and EB Garamond, though both are old-style serifs, Fraunces offers more personality with “wonky” letters and angler uppercase. Is your project giving investment advice with a saucy attitude? Or reconsidering traditional business, like Misfit Market with grocery shopping?

How do I use it for logos?
Communicates classic vibes with friendliness and comforting wonkiness.
It’s perfect for heritage or classic brand that wants to have a warm, slightly offbeat personality. If you are looking to communicate a classic voice with a twist, Fraunces is a fantastic choice.

Design Ideas: What is Variable Fonts
Variable font is a new font technology that allows a font to “generate” infinite weights and styles based on predefined parameters by its designers. Usually, if you select a font, you will often have limited weights, such as “regular” and “bold.”

With variable font, you can have infinite weight choices because you can have everything between regular and bold. This interpolation also works for font styles, which is the case for Fraunces.

See the rest of the examples, use-cases, and color examples of this issue in the hackernoon post below.