3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: the font UnifrakturMaguntia and White Space

Hi everyone! I write a series called FontDiscovery. Every week I write a digestible visual guide with examples and case studies to help makers step up their design game. Today I share tips about how to use the Blackletter font UnifrakturMaguntia and white space.

Font Details
Blackletter is a font style that originated from Western Europe in the 11th Century. Blackletter fonts have sharp angular lines with significant contrasts. As a Blackletter font, UnifrakturMaguntia has a traditional design that brings a specific historic feel. Using before, consider if this is appropriate for your brand.

How should I use it for branding?
UnifrakturMaguntia has only one weight and is more suitable for logos. It Communicates history and traditions (from Europe). Some brands use Blackletter for purely aesthetic purposes.

How should I use it for marketing?
It is best to avoid using excessively. It is hard to read for marketing copy. It is perfect for brands wanting to emphasize historic, traditional, or artisanal themes. It is more suitable for display purposes to wow the audience and perfect for Instagram, and showpieces.

Design idea: White Space
Renowned design writer Steven Heller once said, β€œin art as in life, white space is the ultimate luxury.” Inside an art gallery, we see many white walls. This is also true for design. Inside coffee table books, we see layouts with minimal content per page. In luxury product websites, we see spacious pages with simple typography. White space is the ultimate signifier of an upscale attitude. It communicates luxury. Can this idea play into your design project?

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