3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: the font League Script and comic-book Storytelling

Hi everyone! I write a series called FontDiscovery. Every week I create a digestible visual guide around font, visual, and marketing ideas to help makers step - up their branding and marketing game. This week I featured the font League script, idea about comic book storytelling, and colors from Finland.

League Script
The name League Script might have misled you to think it has sports connections. In fact, the creator was inspired by handwritten letters from the 20s and high school girlfriend’s love note. Look closely and we’ll find flirty flares, and thin, strokes with round caps.

How to Use It for Logo?

  • Communicates softness, whim, casualness, intimate
  • Not very suitable for logo, the thin strokes break when displayed small. Logos need to be legible in small sizes.

How to use it for marketing and branding?

  • Looks fantastic in large sizes because of the casualness and ease
  • Consider this font for showy marketing pieces

Design Idea of the Week
Storytelling with Strips and Panels
The first modern comic book, Famous Funnies, was released in the US in 1933. The series was a hit. At one point, it sold 180,000 of its 200,000 print run. That’s 90%! Folks loved this new and refreshing format. Comic book panels take us around the scene, showing us every possible angle. Even when we don’t see everything in the panels, it’s magical. We have room to imagine and muse about what happens between the scenes. Can you incorporate strips and panels into your marketing projects?

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