3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: the font Jost

Hi everyone! I write a series called FontDiscovery. Every week I write a digestible visual guide with examples and case studies to help makers step up their design game. This week, I covered Jost, a geometric sans serif that communicates cheerfulness.

Font Details
Jost has the best of both worlds. It has recognizable geometric traits and additional design elements, such as the contrast in thick and thin strokes, to boost usability on digital screens. It is also under active development as a variable font, a cutting-edge font technology where you can store multiple variations of a type family into a single font file.

How should I use it for branding?
There is friendliness and perfection to this font. The nearly perfect geometric shapes like “O” give it extra wholesomeness and joy. It is excellent for a brand that looks to be happy and cheerful.

How should I use it for marketing?
The Light and Regular weights of Jost are very lovely. It can be fun to use the Light or Extra Light in large sizes to emphasize your marketing graphics. Jost’s many weights also make it a good candidate for many different types of projects. It can support a more complex information project, like a landing page.

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