3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: the font EB Garamond & Marketing Idea about Ransom Note

Hi everyone! I write a series called FontDiscovery. Every week I create a digestible visual guide around font, visual, and marketing ideas to help makers step - up their branding and marketing game. This week, I covered EB Garamond, a classic, timeless old-style serif that is a revival of Garamond, a timeless classic font for publishing.

Font Details
We can’t talk about EB Garamond without mentioning Garamond. Garamond is an old-style serif with organic strokes, upright designs, and structures resembling handwriting with a pen. Initially designed for print media, Garamond has excellent readability on books but is not well-adapted to screens. A faithfully executed revival of Garamond, EB Garamond greatly improves the readability for screens at 12-point reading size while retaining elegance. Like Garamond, EB Garamond is an old-style serif with organic strokes and handwriting-like influence.

How should I use it for branding and marketing?
EB Garamond communicates classic, tradition, and grace. it is Perfect for publishing companies or brands with a focus on editorial or tradition. It is great for landing pages, editorial storytelling, books, or publishing projects.
Also, the distinctive italic style is perfect for emphasizing your brand or marketing message

Marketing Ideas: Ransom Notes
You are probably no stranger to this. A design tactic we see commonly used is the ransom note: a jumbled bunch of letters collaged together to produce a harsh mixture of voices meant to conceal the identity of the sender. With its roots back in the late 19th century, when printers mixed up different font styles on the same page, the ransom note has remained relevant in pop culture, even today, especially in the underground culture.

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