3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: Plex

Hi everyone! I write a newsletter called FontDiscovery. Every week I write a digestible visual guide about a new font with examples and case studies to help makers step up their design game. This week, we covered Plex, a family of fonts that includes Sans, Serif, and Monospaced versions. You can use Plex for projects with complex information. Thought I could share this here in case anyone finds it useful!

Inspiration for Plex
IBM originally commissioned Plex as its brand font. IBM wanted to illustrate the themes of mankind and machine. The font mirrored this brand vision by having neutral, balanced yet approachable normal weights and more friendly italics.

Font Details
Plex Sans is perfect for presentation and displaying text. It has excellent legibility. This also goes for the Plex Serif, which is more suited for editorial storytelling. Plex Mono is perfect for numbers and symbols. It is also great for showing code snippets. Plex Mono Italic has the most personality out of the Plex bunch.

Should I use it for Logo?
I think the big hairy question is: Can I use it for my own company since it’s already associated with another brand? The answer is yes. The sans and serif versions are perfect for any company that looks to be open and approachable. The monospace version communicates friendliness. The Monospace Italic is very cutesy. Overall, a highly versatile family of fonts for you to play with.

How should I use it for copy and marketing
This highly versatile system of fonts can work for a variety of projects. It can display complex data like pricings. Plex pairs well with each other and has many weights. Plex Sans can pair nicely with Playfair Display. Plex Serif can pair nicely with Space Grotesque.

See cases studies and visual example of this post at: https://hackernoon.com/reviewing-the-font-plex-cbr33r5
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