3-Minute Font and Design Tips for Hackers: how to use the font Millimetre for your projects + one tip for UX

Hi everyone! I write a series called FontDiscovery. Every week I create a digestible visual guide about fonts, marketing, and design ideas to help founders and markers step up their marketing and get creative!

This week, I share tips about using the font Millimetre to make your brand look strong, ways to think about grid and layout when it comes to ux, and show colors inspirations from Bali.

Font of the Week: Millimetre
Millimetre is a geometric sans serif. If we look carefully at Millimetre, we’ll notice the spaces inside the letter are more square than round. This rectangular trait adds extra strength visually to the normally round, soft shapes. It communicates the retro-futuristic, technological, and Sci-Fi vibes. Sci-Fi, tech, and hardware brands love these square-shaped fonts because of these extra doses of stability and strength.

Design Ideas: Grid
In design, “form follows function.” Layouts are the perfect example of this: different layouts suit different purposes. A layout that has space for a full-width image is better optimized to showcase your product. Similarly, layouts with multiple columns are probably better for testimonials because it allows you to bring various perspectives together.

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