2019: The era of remote jobs

2019: The era of remote jobs

Let’s say you are a developer or a financial advisor. You’ve heard of people in your field doing their jobs on some sunny beach while you wade through winter commutes for half of the year.

That is the huge plus of remote job, for me.

It certainly is becoming more and more common. I work remotely and have on and off for years, there are pluses and minuses to it.

For instance many people picture kicking back on a beach with their laptop chilling out and working. That’s not usually the case. The beach is a terrible place to work if you want to get things done. The laptop screen is small and difficult to see in the sun!

I have a dedicated desk set up, with monitors, printer, etc. It’s only for work and nothing else. Though occasionally I will go to a coffee shop or something, my best work is done right at the desk.

If you have a lot of conference calls, you have to be mindful of your environment as well.

Biggest downside to remote work is lack of human interaction. Yes, you can talk on the phone or video chat, but after a while you will want to talk to other people in meatspace. It can get lonely.

Also the lines blur between work and home. You can end up working way more hours because it’s hard to “shut off” work at 5pm. I struggle with this a lot. Inversely some folks might have a hard time focusing on work and get much less done than they would in an office. Your mileage may vary.