16 SEO tips, to avoid running your website

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It is often said that the blog is dead, or at least partially dead, it is true that there was a kind of mini internet bubble, especially related to blogging, a few years ago, there was even a plethora of training courses that are being done, to help people monetize their blogs, create their blogs especially via Wordpress.

 It is true that a few years ago, there were almost as many training courses for blogging as there were blogs, but there are also some areas that have been affected, I am thinking in particular of travel blogs, and there were almost as many travel blogs as there are travellers.

 So this bubble, a little burst a few years, there are still of course still niches exploited, but it is much more difficult that five or six years ago, however in the digital age and the arrival of artificial intelligence, is much more and more start-ups and companies, which are created every day, and of course, every company needs a website, and needs referencing and referencers.

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