13k claps, 76 comments, and How Many Subscribers?

Clicked a Medium post, got to the end, tried to subscribe to the author but the URL in the bio isn’t clickable. You can click to follow the author on the network or click to read responses (I like for comments to display without clicking, but that may be just me). I think the contributing writer would benefit more if the clickable button here could go to a place of their choosing (in this case, his Substack email list).

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@david should each author have a form to “suck” readers? I mean that if someone like one of my articles at HN now - they wouldnt be notified when I submit a new one.
Not sure if it bad or good actually. I understand the logic behind CTA, but not sure if everyone will use it crrectly

In this case, the writer wants people to subscribe to his substack newsletter and its very difficult to do.

@arthur.tkachenko we’re working on ways for readers and writers to control their notifications about stories published. But in general, I think every contributing writer should also prioritize their own email list.

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maybe you also working on some sort of feature that help authors to handle that? I mean somesort of inner solution

We could. For now, writers choose.

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