10 terms from the startup world that can confuse the first-time founder but are, actually, normal

Sweat Equity. Something you pay your investors with when you run out of tears.

Bootstrap. The only part of your shoe remaining after not being able to afford another pair while waiting for investors to fund your MVP.

Ramen Profitability. The amount of ramen you’ll eat while still living with your parents working on a startup to make this arrangement justified.

Burn Rate. The speed of your ass being set on fire when you’re pitching (again) to your friends and family.

Cliff. There’s always the one you’re thinking of jumping off as a solo founder.

Deck. Something you won’t be able to afford for a while.

Hockey Stick. Your parents will drag you out of the house with it when you overstay and no ramen can justify it.

Lean Startup. This refers to the founder’s diet.

Unicorn. What your friends are going to call you since you’re hiding in the garage building your product and are virtually non-existing.

FMA. Famously Miserable Adventure. Just another name for a startup.

Please, share the lingo that you love best!