10 Facebook Marketing Tips That Boost Ecommerce Sales

Facebook is undisputedly the leader of social media websites. In 2020, Facebook had 2.8 billion users. Hence, it makes it the largest and one of the most powerful platforms in the online world. If he wishes to maximize his sales and reach the height of success, then he must bring the presence of his business on the giant social media website; Facebook.

Facebook comprises millions of users. This provides the businesses with an excellent chance to market their brand, online store, and products, to a large potential audience and persuade them to become their customers. You just have to sign-up, provide your email address, answer a few questions, and viola…you have a profile on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook is not only for settled or flourishing businesses – no. Even if you’ve just started up, or planning to launch your website, you can join Facebook, and start attracting prospective customers to make them aware of your existence in the market. Without further ado, let’s move on to 10 must-use Facebook marketing tips to boost your eCommerce sales.

10 Must-Use Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Your e-Commerce Sales

1. Create Unique And Funny Content

Content on social media should not be similar to the one posted in the newspapers. The success and failure of your Facebook eCommerce strategy depend upon what kind of content you are providing to your followers.

If your content has nothing new or useful to deliver, then why would people engage with your content? Try to make your content unique and different so that it comes to the attention of the audience. If your content is overly promotional or just focuses on the sales, then a customer will scroll his screen and after a few seconds, he might not even remember about your content.

Create Unique And Funny Content

Post interesting pictures with catchy captions. Refrain from writing endless lines praising your product or how remarkable your brand is, no. Your captions should be clear, concise, and interesting. The simple rule of thumb for creating content on social media is to primarily focus on your current and potential customers and then on increasing your sales.

For instance, a brand selling winter apparel can create content on how winter clothes can be styled differently, which accessories would look good with them, or which shoes will elevate the complete look, etc.

2. Create Highly Visual Posts

You post a long paragraph about how one can braid their hair and it gets no responses, even though the mentioned steps were quite clear. The reason why many posts don’t receive much engagement is that they go unnoticed by a lot of the audience. If the people didn’t take a notice of what you posted, how do you expect them to react and engage with your content?

People do not come on social media to read. They come for entertainment, catching-up with their friends, or to simply kill their time. Your long blocks of information are going to be scrolled by them. To avoid this and get good engagement on your posts, go visual. Instead of text, opt for graphical content. Design infographics, short videos, memes, etc. to catch the attention of your user.

3. Grab A Vanity URL

Vanity URLs are unique web addresses that brands use and considered as one of the marketing tips on Facebook. Thanks to Facebook’s remarkable features, now you can customize the URL of your business profile.

The URLs generated by Facebook are not easy to remember. However, with a customized URL, you can keep the name of your business in the URL to make it easier for people to remember you.

Having the business name in the URL makes the brand appear more professional and authentic. Moreover, short and simple URLs are easy to share. Instead of random strings of numbers, vanity URLs consist of words that are quite easy to remember.

4. Have A Posting Schedule

If you want your brand to reach a wider audience, then staying active on social media and maintaining a proper profile is very important. Posting your content consistently is one of the crucial Facebook marketing tips for a successful eCommerce Facebook strategy.

You don’t have to post randomly. Remember, it’s a business profile and not your personal profile. Before posting a picture, video, caption, etc. make sure that your followers are active to view and engage with it. If you post at a time when your followers are sleeping or are at work, then all your effort of designing and publishing the content will go in complete vain.

Have A Posting Schedule

Observe when your followers are the most active, and then schedule your posts according to it. Many businesses post on weekends because the majority of people are active on Facebook, and it increases the engagement under the posts.

To determine the best time for posting your content take help from Facebook Insights. Schedule posting your content according to the time when your followers will most likely be active and engage.

5. Setup A Facebook Shop

The goal behind every marketing campaign is to increase sales and drive huge profits for the business. The channel of sale isn’t important, right? Why limit selling your products on a website when you can easily sell them on Facebook too? All that you have to do is to set up a shop on your Facebook page to allow the customers to purchase the products directly from your Facebook page without having to go on your website.

Click on the ‘Shop’ tab on your Facebook profile. It will lead you to Commerce Manager’s “Sell on Facebook” page. This tool lets you link your business accounts, set rules for shipping and returns, and the payment methods. With this feature, you can use Commerce Manager across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the marketplaces.

6. Announcements And Promotions

The majority of the people who log on to Facebook is because they want to satisfy their curiosity. They love to know what’s happening around them, what their friends are up to, or is there any information that might help them.

So, keep the people updated with what’s happening with your brand. Upload the pictures of your new products, accentuate their best features, and allow people to share their views on them.

However, make sure not to sound too self-promotional or make your post appear like an advertisement. Instead, just share the pictures of your product and describe it briefly. Just give your customers a glimpse of your newly launched products to lure them to visit your store and explore the entire range.

Moreover, keep your customers updated about what your brand is up to. If you have partnered with another brand for a collaboration, or if you have joined hands with a charitable organization, or simply holding an event, share it on your social media. People love it when businesses show more than just their products on their business page.

Also, share links to your newly published articles or catalogs on your business page. Direct the people to check out the store or read your latest article on an interesting topic. To put simply whatever you are up to, show it to your followers. Just don’t stay a dormant brand whose only concern is to sell goods.

7. Facebook Ads

Do you want to reach a maximum audience? Or let us rephrase it, do you want to reach a maximum perfect audience for your brand? If your answer is yes, then take help from Facebook ads to reach a wider audience.

Running ads on Facebook can be perfect Facebook marketing tips in order to draw attention to your business, and it’s very easy to do so. Firstly, you’ll have to open a Facebook Ads account where you will pay to advertise your content with the specific prospective customers. This will help the business to invest in only those audiences who’ll be interested in your brand and will turn into your customers.

If you are wondering about the cost of Facebook Ads, then relax, take a deep breath. You’ll be delighted to know that Facebook is not going to cost you an arm or a leg to advertise your brand to a potential audience. You can run the ads on Facebook according to your budget. Set the price and bid that is convenient for your business, and Facebook will not charge you more than that.

Facebook doesn’t only advertise your brand to a new audience, it also targets the people who have visited your store and shown interest in your products. That’s right! Facebook offers remarketing ads. This helps in turning the interested people into your customers by reminding them about your brand and the products that interested them previously.

You can also monitor your ad to let you see how it performed and was it able to turn the audience into customers. If the ad content worked well, you can boost it further, but if it didn’t you can stop promoting the content and tailor new content to fulfill your advertisement objective.

To check the performance, Facebook has it’s own built-in optimization algorithm. It will automatically make changes in the campaign according to the performance criteria set by you.

8. Giveaways And Contests

Getting free products or discount vouchers is one of the best Facebook marketing tips as free giveaways makes people go crazy. They love to enter such contests and giveaways in return for getting some amazing products, after all, what do they have to lose? Hosting a giveaway brings a lot of people to follow your page and engage under your posts. This improves your brand awareness and you will also witness a significant boost in website traffic.

Keep a few rules for the giveaways and make sure they are simple to follow. Do not add a long list of rules for entering the giveaway or people will ignore the idea of entering it. Also, state the terms and conditions clearly.

Show people what they will receive if they are selected as winners. Take attractive pictures of the items that the winner will get. The pictures will tempt more and more people to enter.

9. Engage With Your Followers

You cannot actively interact with your customers on a website to guide them about a product or to solve their concerns. Facebook is the perfect place to talk to your customer and solve their problems. People can ask their questions and concerns by commenting on your posts. Do not ignore their questions, instead revert to them with a proper answer that clarifies their doubts.

Many people are not comfortable asking their queries under a post and they send out messages through Facebook messenger. Again, answer those people at your earliest. Show them that you provide excellent service to your customers.

Engage With Your Followers

You can also share the posts and pictures of your followers on your page. If a person is using your product and has tagged you on that picture, then post that picture on your page ( with their prior permission, of course!) . People love getting promoted for free. If you’ll post the content and pictures of your followers that involve your brand or product, then more people will be motivated to tag you in their pictures and posts.

This tactic will lead to making your audience market your brand on their profile, in return for a shout-out or repost by you.

10. Use Facebook Stories

Famous apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and even WhatsApp have introduced the feature of posting a story. This post remains visible for 24 hours. On March 28, 2017, Facebook launched the feature of posting a story on a Facebook profile that will disappear after 24 hours. Posting stories is getting famous with each passing day and are considered as the best Facebook marketing tips.

Many famous brands have started to post their content on stories because it delivers full-screen content which allows the user to get a better view of the products. Small video clips can also be added to the stories and they can be used to target the potential audience through Facebook ads.

And do you know what’s the best part? You can easily measure how many people have viewed your story. This allows the businesses to gather data of when their audience is most active and what kind of content do they like to see.

Wrapping It up!

Making your mark in an online world requires serious marketing strategies. Facebook is the best place to identify your potential audience and turn them into your customers. We hope that the above-listed Facebook marketing tips boost your eCommerce sales and take your business to a new level of success.

Source: Technians Blog.

This is likely due to that business utilizing a Facebook Ads for eCommerce strategy known as retargeting. These retargeting ads are a helpful reminder to people who have already shown interest in your product like kiltoutfits. Perhaps they got busy or distracted but had every intention to make a purchase.