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I am Mike Kalomeni (@KalomeniM), cofounder of elementus.io and former rocket scientist at Caltech. Ask me anything! 05/23 @ 12pm PST

Hi Hacker Noon community! :wave: My name is Mike Kalomeni. I did research at Caltech to complete my aerospace degree, focus on the aerodynamics of hypersonic planes. I then did management consulting at Capgemini wher…

8 May 20, 2019
About the Hacker Noon AMA category 1 April 8, 2019
I'm Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto. Ask me anything! (5/16 @ 12PM PST) 44 May 14, 2019
I am Alicia Ferratusco (@realaliciafe), founder of Starfish Network. Ask me anything! 5/9 @Noon PST 43 May 7, 2019
I'm Courtland Allen, creator of Indie Hackers. Ask me anything! (Thu Apr 18 @ Noon PST) 34 April 12, 2019
AMA Signup/Nomination Thread 5 March 13, 2019
I am Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror), co-founder of Stack Overflow and Discourse. Ask me anything! 4/8 @ Noon PST 68 April 8, 2019
I'm a developer on Hacker Noon 2.0. Ask me anything! 36 March 11, 2019